Teri Murphy, PhD, LMFT is Assistant Professor in The Graduate Counseling Program at Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville, Tennessee and a licensed marital and family therapist with a private practice in Franklin, Tennessee. Teri has been practicing for over five years and supervises clinicians toward state licensure and Emotionally Focused Therapy certification. Teri is certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy and assists with EFT trainings throughout the United States. 

Teri has written articles for The Tennessean, Bedlam Magazine, and Venn Magazine, presents at professional conferences on compassion, countertransference, counselor education, and sexual assault, provides workshops on relationships, authenticity, and personal development, and writes about love, self, relationships, and the science of connection.

AND...Teri is a spitfire academic with a strong scientific foundation and years of work in the clinical mental health, developing compassion for human beings through lots of therapy, self-assessment, listening to and learning from leaders in multiple disciplines across fields of work, and challenging herself constantly to be radically honest, question everything, and ultimately, when in doubt, to follow where love leads.  And coffee. Lots of coffee.

Image by Micah Kandros.

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