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There is hope.  Whatever you've been facing, there is way through.  Whether you're looking to change relationship patterns, heal from past wounds, or work toward the healthiest version of yourself, individual therapy is an incredible tool to help you find your way.


Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy & EMDR

EFIT is Emotionally Focused Therapy for Individuals and encompasses working with an individual and therapist in the office. As part of the EFIT process, thoughts, emotion, and behavior reprocessing help clients find strength, healing, and the ability to find closeness in healthy relationships. Learn more about EFT at

EMDR is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.  Developed for the treatment of post-traumatic stress, EMDR has multiple applications and benefits short or long-term trauma, blocks to athletic performance, family of origin issues, and relationship wounds. Learn more at


Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy
$165/hour (50 minutes)

$165/hour (50 minutes)


Healing is waiting for you.